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Candles and Incense

I just bought 72 votive candles from Amazon for $14.99. Good deal, eh? That’s just over 20 cents each! I also bought some Frankincense. Not exactly sure what Frankincense is, but since it sounds biblical, I’m thinking it must really be something special.

This way, when the pole shift occurs, I won’t be sitting in complete darkness for 3 days, but will be meditating like a Tibetan monk in lovely smelling, though dimly lit, environs.   Providing there’s enough oxygen to breathe, I don’t foresee having any problem with the candles and incense.

72 Votive Candles. $14.99

“There’s some matches in the bathroom just below the stairs.”~John Lennon


Dime A Dozen

I once knew a guy who told me, “Artists are a dime a dozen!” He made a small fortune selling wedding apparel to plus-sized women in Chicago back in the day. He retired at 50 with a nice house and boat in the Florida Keys and spends his days relaxing and fishing. Good for him!

Eggs. Three dollars a dozen.

I thought that maybe he was implying I had less value to this society than egg!! After all, greats like Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Van Gogh all died penniless, didn’t they? Maybe the Cap’n was right.

As I like to check my facts to determine if there were any validity to his statement, I grabbed the biggest book of Yellow Pages I could get my hands on. Let’s see…A…R…T..i s t. Um no, not a one. Further along though, I got to the pages for attorneys. WOW! I’m pretty sure my friend was confused. There were lots of those.

Don’t Let It Bring You Down

For Mandy’s Aunty Jan who left this world today. Godspeed!  Safe Journey.

Love And Light

There are people in the world who claim to be all love and light. I imagine it takes a lot of effort to maintain this illusion when the opposite is true. When the glamour eventually fails, which it must, you are faced with quite a different being of malice and desperation. The spell is broken. The mask comes off and they’ve taken their best shot at damaging you. Maybe they succeeded, or maybe they failed miserably. On to a new fool. In your heart of hearts, you knew it all along though, didn’t you?

Still, I’m certain there are others out there making a genuine effort to share the love and compassion…brightening someone’s day with a compliment,  giving someone a good laugh over the stupidity of it all…little things. It’s an outward gesture that goes beyond ‘what’s in it for me?’  You may come to know some of them over time. They’re consistent. They’re not perfect, are they? They can get a bit narky sometimes. But they are genuine…and it looks to me like they’re having a real good time doing it.  Right?  So, where do I sign on for this party?


Never thought I’d hear these words pass through my lips…”I wish it were January!” There, I said it! It’s a hot one, today.

Also, world…I’ve been putting a lot of good energy out there over the years and I would like to be at long last justly compensated for all those years so that I can continue to learn, expand and do more.  My friend Stu told me I should demand my refund. It’s time for the formless substance to pay up!

Serious…work your magic.  When? Yesterday would be good. What’s that? Why…yes, of course!  A big fat check in my mailbox will work nicely.

Thanks so much! Ever so grateful!

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