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Fair Trade And The Bardo Of Becoming

There’s a first time for everything. This week I traded one of my pieces, Javelina Manitou, for one Schecter Diamond Series electric guitar….case included! What else? Today’s weather…absolutely perfect.  The changing leaves are spectacular as always this time of year. I have a Black Elk on it’s way to Baton Rouge tomorrow. A couple of months from now I’ll be wishing I had gone with it!

I’ve been reading “The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying”. It’s all very interesting. I especially like the bit about the ‘Bardo of Becoming’ after death in which the astral bodies of those who have left us hang around for a while until their karma determines which way they will go.  In some cases, they are not aware they have died…a lot like the Bruce Willis character in ‘The Sixth Sense’ (I see dead people!)  This is usually the case when death comes suddenly and unexpectedly and often times violently. The Tibetans believe that not only will they hover around those left behind, perfectly aware of all the goings on…family members fighting over their worldly possessions and so on, but can also hear your innermost thoughts.  There is in fact a ghost that visits this house occasionally… a story for another time, perhaps.

Some may wander for ages in hell worlds which are really projections of their minds. Like dreamers who never become lucid, they remain stuck in a self created nightmare. Bad Karma.

According to the Tibetan Buddhists, those who have studied and practiced meditation will immediately recognize the way to go after death, and merge with the formless, while the ego identity which is merely a manifestation of greed, anger, ignorance and attachment, will dissolve into radiant light. The goal then being complete oblivion.

I have got to see this in person! Next year, maybe.

I don’t know about you, and maybe it’s a ‘Western’ thing, but I happen to like living…and yes, I’m rather attached to my sense of self.  I like the smell of dirt and grass.  I like physicality…the way the sun feels on my skin.  I love the sound of birds singing when I wake up in the morning.   I don’t mind a little pain. It sure beats the alternative.  From what I’ve read, when I get to the other side I’ll be searching for my next set of birth parents having intercourse and project my soul there!  Maybe, that’s exactly what I did last time around and I’ve only forgotten.

I’m really not all that interested in the Afterlife.  I’m still trying to figure this one out!

Wood Pile

Well, this is what my day looked like. Not a lot to say about it really, is there?  I had a log jump off the splitter and blast me in the knee, but I’m sure I’ll live. Nothing broken, though I may be hobbling slightly for a day or two.  Winter is on it’s way soon enough.

I’ve also posted a couple of pictures of the piece I was working on yesterday.

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It’s new.  Mishi-bizheu, the Great White Lynx, is part sea serpent. Along with the Mermaids (Nebaunaubaequaewuk), he is said to be responsible for drawing people down to a  frigid watery grave at the bottom of Lake Superior. Not very pleasant, but I imagine there are worse ways to go. He is more or less America’s version of the Loch Ness Monster, but perhaps more dangerous.  If you are out on the water and a storm comes up unexpectedly, what you might mistake for a long line of white caps just may be Mishi-bizheu making a bee line for your craft.

I’ll be posting more pictures when he is finished.

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