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Northern Goshawk

The Northern Goshawk is an adept and aggressive aerial hunter of the woodlands. As a totem of Assertiveness, he reminds us to stay focused on our goal until it is firmly in our grasp, while at the same time deftly avoiding obstacles. He also tells us not to shy away from bold confrontation when the situation demands it. “Nice” would not be a word used to describe him.

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I’m feeling wildly creative. I’m sure it’s seasonal…. going from the cold dead of Minnesota winter to everything bursting into life seemingly overnight. I’ve had way too much coffee and very little sleep over the past several weeks…pictures to paint, words to write, and songs to sing. And then there’s the art that pays the bills, the business, and the chores while the sun is shining. Burning the candle at both ends can be exhausting!

Meanwhile, I’ve got to drive 30 miles after work today because I’m out of cat food. Living in the sticks!  May as well stop in for a beer and a pizza at the Gaslight.

Customers are stopping by the studio bright and early (uughh) tomorrow morning. I hope I sleep tonight., I’m not manic.

Far To Go

I once dreamed I was carving a piece of wood that stretched to infinity in either direction. On the one side, crawling with flora and fauna which appeared alive, was everything I had done in the past. On the other, an uncarved branch extending farther than my eyes could see.  A long way to go with no end in sight.

Ever have one of those days where you’re feeling your age a little more than usual? Or maybe you have the feeling that at some point during the LIFE 101 class, you should have been paying a little more attention… during the section on economics… rather than daydreaming because it bored you senseless? It’s probably just a lack of sleep…or food.  I’ll get over it.  Maybe I just  need to watch “The Secret” a few more hundred times!

I wonder if dentists dream of endless rows of teeth.

I don’t know who these images belong to, but if asked I will happily remove them. Have a look at that tattoo, though. I like it a lot!

Mother’s Day Dragons

A friend’s Chippewa grandmother used to tell him stories when he was a boy. Stories and prophecies about the End Times. A time when monsters long dormant would rise up out of the earth and wreak havoc across the land. Was she being metaphoric or literal? Another great topic for the usual morning flake discussions out in the studio last week. Through a series of  illogical mental steps involving crystal skulls, four corners, books read, and planet X, we managed to arrive at the conclusion that Dragons would soon be making a return.

What to do on Mother’s Day? Friends were having a party. Two and a half hour drive each way…thunderstorms expected…work tomorrow…maybe next year.

Talked to the mom, of course. She loved the Belgian chocolates and even let my dad have a few. I’m guessing he deserved it after cooking her a beautiful lobster dinner and buying her flowers. Life is good for the mom today.

About the dragons, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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