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Scott’s Fish Bar And Steak House Grill

I’m doing my books tonight.  In my case, this means digging through a huge cardboard box and sorting a year’s worth of receipts into very untidy piles stacked from one end of the living room floor to the other. I’ve never been very organized or maybe I just have my own way of neglecting the most distasteful chores till the last minute. It will take me all night just to make the piles, never mind crunching the numbers. I’ve got some chill out, meditative music on which keeps me from attaching any negative emotion to the task.  Years ago, I would have been piss moaning about it to anyone who would listen. I guess I’ve mellowed out.

But as they say, every miserable black cloud has a silver lining. I’ve found a receipt here from one of my trips to the UK. On a bit of a sightseeing weekend in the Lake District with my now fiance Mandy, I had my first real ‘fish and chip’ dinner with mushy peas and all. And a pint of Guinness. Great memories made at Scott’s Fish Bar in Penrith. Maybe next time she’ll buy me dinner!

OK, I’d better get back to the card board box. Not getting a whole lot accomplished messing about with this Blog, am I?

An afterthought: If I leave the piles on the floor tonight, will my cats have them rearranged by morning?

Here Comes The Sun

Time seems to always be getting away from me. I had other ideas for this post tonight. In fact, I had taken quite a few photos of the studio which will have to wait until next time as they’ve all mysteriously vanished from my camera.

It’s turning into an “all work and no play” scenario around here, and I could desperately use a vacation. That’s not going to happen any time soon either.

…and the creative writing project? With illustrations?

Never mind.

The good news is that temperatures finally got up above freezing a few days ago and the snow has been melting off the roof since. The wolves have been at the door for months. They’ve been very hungry. I’m hoping they’ll go away for a while, now.

Also, I’ve been meeting some really lovely, creative  people out here in cyberspace and will link to them as time allows. I’m pretty sure I’ve been living in a cave for the last 20 years or so. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. There’s a lot happening..a case of  ‘too much information!’ Then, there are some fantastically talented people who inspire me to reach a little higher.

Always with the first thaw of the season when you can actually feel the sun’s warmth on your skin, this is the definitive song for me:


Druidic Offering, Butt Spinach, And Generic Spam

Tonight I opened a can of ‘Great Value’ spinach to have with our baked chicken dinner. After getting through three forkfuls, I pronounced to the kids, “This spinach is vile!”

“It tastes like butt”, Emma agreed.

Butt Spinach. We all had a good laugh.

“It’s supposed to be good…I just bought it.”

I checked the expiration date on the can. “Yup.  Twelve, thirty one, two thousand and twelve.”

“We should have saved it for the end of the world, then!”

I was thinking the same. We then discussed the global catastrophe of Y2K that never came. Darn!  2001?  Nope. Well, 2012 then, surely. Tanner decided this end of the world thing was crap. Emma said she didn’t care if the world ended or not, but added that she had dreamed she was the Empress over a very large kingdom of robots last night. I told her I had dreamed I found something that looked very similar to the ‘Antikythera Mechanism‘, or the Golden Compass, and could alter reality with it.

“My friend’s parents are stocking up on cans of Spam for 2012,” she said.

“I love Spam!” blurted Tanner, “when you slice it real thin and fry it up to put on your egg sandwich. Mmmmm.”

“I know, I still have a can here. You still got your shoes on? Go throw this spinach outside.” I paused. “Give it to the oak tree as an offering.”

They exchanged the usual silent glance. Is he serious?!

“Yeah…give it to the tree. I’m a Druid now.”

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