Dark Energy

What is reality? The universe? Where does it begin and end?

It’s reassuring to know there is not a soul on this planet who can answer that question.  M TheoryMembrane, Mystery, Magic or ‘Mother, we don’t have a clue!What do we know so far?

All matter and energy we can perceive makes up less than 5% of the known universe. We can never measure the universe because it is an ever expanding mote in the fractal multiverse which has no beginning or end.  If the universe expands outward to infinity, it must also travel inward to infinity. Scientists smashing atoms till kingdom come will discover more and more subatomic particles. The rabbit hole gets deeper. Maybe the difference between these newly discovered particles is only their vibratory rate like the strings on a harp. String theory.

The remaining 95% of the Universe is comprised of roughly 25% Dark Matter and 70% Dark Energy. What is dark matter? No one knows that either. We can’t perceive it directly. We can only see it through the gravitational force it exerts..the way it bends light. This invisible substance is the ghostly framework or skeleton that the clusters of infinite galaxies attach themselves to. Dark energy? No one knows what that is either. It is speculated to be the only possible explanation for galaxies moving away from each other at an ever increasing rate as the Multiverse expands.

What if Dark Energy is actually consciousness itself , like the ‘Dust’ in Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials fantasy trilogy I keep half expecting to accidentally walk into a parallel world like the John Parry character, or perhaps be magically transported back in time like Severian in Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun. Maybe it’s just me, but everyday the line between fantasy and reality seems to grow a little flimsier. Just imagine…a world without the IRS, banks, and insurance companies.

M Theory. Magic. No argument here. 

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  1. It’s not just you ….. and I am beggining to see, that our fantasies can be our reality!~
    I enjoyed the fractal thanks, and it was a really good day :))

  2. Yes, you too Kevin and “always” greater days to come!!

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