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The Solutreans

The first people to settle in North America were the Solutreans,  a shamanic tribal people who crossed the Atlantic from what is now France,  on ice shelves during the Ice Age 17,000 years ago. A lot of people don’t know that. It’s all relatively new information…flint clovis points found in Virginia, DNA evidence, etc… not what we were taught in school. It wasn’t until 6000 years later people began to arrive from  Asia.  Over time, the two peoples mixed, which is why a quarter of the DNA of the Ojibway is European.

A friend who is 100% Chippewa had some blood work done a while back and it was determined through genetic markers that he was part French. He was baffled by this. Mystery solved. He’s part Solutrean! I’m half French.

In the meantime, we’re having record high temperatures here this week and the polar caps are melting at an alarming rate. There’s a strange irony to all of this, I’m sure, once you work out the logic and do the math.

The following is a Discovery Channel video: Ice Age Columbus. It’s cool!


Force Of Will

“The force of will is like golden mist swirling in a gentle wind, it is out ahead of you as a silent resolve and fortitude, it is the power of all your eventualities, but mostly it is the ability to be patient and to endure while you stalk the wild pendulum; chasing the pendulum is hopeless, if you wait it clunks you on the nose. ‘Plank on head’, I call it.” ~Stuart Wilde

Gold Finch

Gold Finch is a totem of  rejuvenation and new beginnings.

“Made with so much love and care, your work is museum quality. Why not have images of all your pieces up on the Etsy site with a SOLD sign…that way we still at least get to see your wonderful inspiring magical work!!” ~Star Crystal Keeper

“I can not explain it but the Manitous touch me in a way I don’t understand.” ~Mary M


The Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen has unexpectedly returned to my dreaming, leaving me hopelessly love-lorn and  interminably distracted. Spirit dictates that the third time she appears, a charm is called for..a binding  through ritual magic…a spell that links us eternally.
Greater forces at play….blah, blah.  “As I will, so mote it be”, and so on.   Five candles, a knife, a ribbon, etc.

The prompting of our subconscious, the deep wanting of  our soul, demands we make at least one heroic act to drag the dream kicking and screaming into the light of  the day. Retrieving the Sword of Light from the Otherworld.  Two acts are better. Seizing the Everlasting Pearl. The third one’s a charm or so I’ve been told. Her heart can not be won otherwise.  It’s all just a crazy dream in the end anyway, isn’t it?

“Every step I thought of  you…every footstep, only you.”

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