Candles and Incense

I just bought 72 votive candles from Amazon for $14.99. Good deal, eh? That’s just over 20 cents each! I also bought some Frankincense. Not exactly sure what Frankincense is, but since it sounds biblical, I’m thinking it must really be something special.

This way, when the pole shift occurs, I won’t be sitting in complete darkness for 3 days, but will be meditating like a Tibetan monk in lovely smelling, though dimly lit, environs.   Providing there’s enough oxygen to breathe, I don’t foresee having any problem with the candles and incense.

72 Votive Candles. $14.99

“There’s some matches in the bathroom just below the stairs.”~John Lennon

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  1. Frankincense is heavenly tree gum resin….

  2. Sounds like an interesting time. Those small candles don’t last very long though. When I meditate I use Scentsy flameless candles from the spa collection.

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