Police Harassment In Pine County Minnesota

“Strength and a stout heart are hazardous qualities where they cannot prevail.” ~ Gene Wolfe

My son, a college student,  was driving past the Pine County Sheriff’s building on I-35 (a lonely stretch of road at 12:30 am) with his cruise control set at 4 miles over the speed limit. As he passed the freeway exit, a patrol car came flying down the off ramp and put it’s lights on.  My son pulled over. Officer Egghead (names have been changed to protect the guilty)  then approached my son’s car with his weapon drawn which he then pointed at my son’s head demanding he get out of the car. Thank god this asshole’s trigger finger didn’t have a spasm. Too much coffee? Meth?  Archonic possession? You never know around here.

Bold faced lying, he insisted my son was driving a hundred miles an hour because he could tell from the sound of the exhaust.  Of course he had nothing on radar, but apparently he must be an expert on rotary engines and has excellent hearing with his windows up. (It was cold that night..about 5 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Very shortly two other squad cars appeared. Four deputies in total. I think the three just arrived were deputies Anus, Goober, and Dickhead, but I can’t be sure. I can only assume they had all just finished wanking each other off in the County Sheriff’s parking lot or run out of donuts…or something. Sneering with an obvious contempt for all humanity, Egghead asked in his bullying tone why my son was so nervous. Hmm?  Surrounded by four jacked up cops and just having a loaded gun inches from his face, I can’t imagine why my son would be nervous. You would have been as cool as a cucumber, right?

Without probable cause or any indication that my son was intoxicated (he’d had 2 drinks over the course of the night), the cops in question had my son perform a field sobriety test. As my son jumped thru all the ridiculous hoops performing like an Olympic champion, it seemed obvious to him that Egghead’s rage was building under the surface, his disdainful sneer becoming ever more pronounced.  He wasn’t going to make an arrest. Sad. He then informed my son, “We’re going to breathalyze you anyway!” I’m not even sure if this is legal. Again, no probable cause. My son blew on the tube, something I imagine these cops enjoy doing a great deal.  Results showing well below the legal limit, Egghead slapped my son hard on the back and congratulated him is if they were now great buds. The remaining three cops left the scene… I’m guessing to find a sweet little old lady to victimize. It must get real dull on those slow night shifts and how many donuts can a person eat, really?

Egghead then went back to his car while having my son wait another 20 minutes in the cold, while he wrote up a speeding ticket for 5 miles over the speed limit, of which he had no proof other than my son’s word.

Tax dollars hard at work!

Tax dollars hard at work!

The following morning I called the Sheriff’s department to make a formal complaint. I was transferred to a Sergeant Meyer’s voice mail. It’s been 3 days. No one’s returned my call. I guess no one there feels accountable to the citizens who pay their wages, health benefits, pensions, etc. I called the State Attorney General’s Office who put me through to the Peace Officers Standards and Training Board (there’s an oxymoron, huh?  Peace officer!) where one could acquire the proper form to make a formal complaint. I explained to my son that he had to follow through. That he wasn’t doing this just for himself, but for everyone who still believes they are entitled to basic human rights. Police can’t randomly accost people because they’re having a slow night.  That if no one pushes back, these state sponsered bullies will become ever more brazen, thinking they are above the law, that they can do what they want and get away with it because sadly,  most of the time they do. Not this time, brother.

If you’re ever driving through Pine City in the lonely hours of the night, be sure to make a wide berth around the Courthouse building. You might stir up a hornet’s nest. In fact, I would avoid Pine City altogether if I were you, whatever the time!

Although my son is now a responsible young adult, I can remember the first time he opened his eyes upon this world like it was yesterday. I had hoped I was bringing him into a world worth living in, not a hellish paranoid nightmare people like this are trying to create. If you feel the same way about your own kids, please keep sharing!!  Thanks much.

The Last Word:

I’m sure by now the Pine County Sherrif’s Department has run a full background check on both myself and my son. Neither one of us has ever been arrested. I don’t think I’ve had so much as a parking ticket in the last hundred years or so. That said, I really wasn’t expecting this kind of response to this post. It obviously struck a nerve with a lot of people.

Since the time I posted this, my son has driven to Texas and back without incident. It’s a shame he had to put up with this bullshit in his own back yard.

I have learned something in this. The lovers of the police state really like to overuse the word “Respect” as if it were a magic word  that grants the user justification for abusive assholic behavior. I suggest you people pick up a dictionary or a thesaurus because you seem to be confused about the meaning of the word.  I don’t care if you’re the president or the pope…if you point a  loaded weapon at my son, you’re going to really piss me off.

I’m no longer taking comments on this post. Moving on…

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  1. Thats pine co. For ya. Chisago is about that bad too. Uts horrible around here, sorry for your son’s luck. Hopefully you guys get somewhere with this complaint and things change. 🙂

  2. You and your son are NOT alone. My husband has been arrested 2 times in the last 6 months by cops/”peace” officers out of control. BOTH times he walked away without a ticket! The first time was in Cambridge. We were driving home after a wedding. Got pulled over for a headlight out. He did the field sobriety tests but refused the breath test (which is well with in your rights out in the field. In fact you don’t even have to do anything they ask of you except provide license, registration and proof of insurance) He was then arrested. He blew a .01 at the station!!! Was releases but had no ride home. The officer (a female) was pissed when he questioned her instructions. The second time he was pulled over in North Branch for “texting” and driving. When he refused to give the officer his phone (which once again he has every right to do!!). The officer got pissed. Told my husband he was insane and threatened to impound the car and subpoena his phone records. My husband kept quiet. Which is always the best thing to do. The officer “arrested” him (which he can’t do on a petty misdemeanor). And when my husband still didn’t give in his computer “wasn’t working” and he called the county attorney who of course refused to prosecute having NO probable cause. He had to “Unarrest” him. He then decided to call my husbands work to inform his employer of what happened (even though he received NO citation). The officer was completely out of control. We plan on filing a complaint. We have rights and we need to start enforcing those rights when we are dealing with scum in uniforms.

  3. I don’t believe this storey at all,more lie’s from somebody that just dosen’t like cop’s! Pointed a gun at your son’s head? I smell bullshit! Said he went 100 miles an hour but only gave him a ticket for 5 mile over! Your storey dosen’t make any sence!! Cop’s don’t point guns at peoples heads for speeding!

    • Thanks Dan for reinforcing my point. A sane cop would not point a gun at someone that was doing 5 miles over the speed limit. And again..after accusing my son of doing a 100 miles an hour why would he write up a ticket for doing 75? Because he was fucking full of shit in the first place. So, thank you again. It’s fucking bulshit alright! And then breathalyzing him with no cause. I’m going to try not not to say anything overly negative, but you can be absolutely certain that I don’t think a whole lot of you.

  4. In my opinion the Pine County Sheriff’s is one of the most corrupt law enforcement agencies in MN, never in my life have a been to another city in this state (or any other state for that matter)where the officers have been known to smoke Weed, Meth or whatever mind alteringsubstance while on duty. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but theyre worse than Hennepin County Police &

  5. What a surprise. You don’t approve real comments. You only approve bologna comments that try to burn Deputies of Pine County. Why won’t you approve comments that disagree with your opinion? Are you only allowing criminals like drug dealers and drunk drivers make comments?


  7. Pine City Redneck...I suppose

    I get that you are upset, but your language, rude comments and nasty attitude give away the possible reason that a minor ticket was turned into a major stop….disresspect…. that I am guessing he learned from his parents. Every county has it’s shit. You clearly don’t live in Pine City, or you wouldn’t have called is a “shithole” Where do you live? I bet it is just peachy and perfect. I’m going with metro, since that is where I have experienced the most rude people with respect to us “rednecks” way up her in hicksville USA. Get a life and learn some respect!!!!

    • You are right, I was upset. Respect goes both ways. People entrusted with positions of authority should show more respect to those they are paid to ‘protect and serve’. I apolologize for the ‘shithole’ comment. I was fuming. I actually do live in Pine County and have friends here who are behind me on this.

  8. Obey the laws and there shall be no problems. Your son was speeding. You admitted it. Don’t speed. Don’t text and drive, don’t break the law. It’s just that easy. A jerk attitude gets only that in response. If you take a moment to consider the garbage that resides in pine county, is it any surprise the police aren’t always your best friends? Bottom line, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before condemning the entire force.

    • I don’t know the people you consider ‘garbage’. I thought the job of the police is to keep people safe..not to abuse vulnerable people even if they are drug addicts and alcoholics. Maybe they should have a course on kindness and compassion in police training. Thousands of people speed past that courthouse everyday. If you breathalyzed everyone of them..you would need to hire a lot more cops. This thing with my son was over the top bullshit and you know it.

  9. The New Gangs on the Street
    Let me start off by saying everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the following two stories are true and there are many other such stories that coincide with these two stories. Make up your own mind on what you think. Maybe you have a story of your own.
    True Stories
    Part #1
    The story I am going to tell is about my experience with the Kanabec court system, Sheriffs and police. It is absolutely true with no facts changed. I take responsibility for all my actions and know my decision making skills were not at its best. I cannot give exact dates but I can say that these events happened within the last 7 months in Kanabec County.
    The night after the Super Bowl playoff I was driving home from working at Grand Casino Mille Lacs still wearing my uniform at 4am in the morning. I work at a casino so my hours of work are at weird times. I had to take my Jeep to work because my regular car had not started when I was going to work that night. While driving on County Rd, #3 west of County Rd #8 north of Mora going home, I noticed I was on “E” on the gas gauge. I would normally turn south on #8 to go home but instead I went straight on #3 to go to #65and then south to Crows Nest (bar, restaurant, & gas station on #65) to get gas.
    I was about 2-3 miles west of #65 on #3 when I came up on a police car that had someone stopped. I saw the bright flashing lights in the blackness of the night several miles before reaching the police car and I did what everyone does when they see police car lights flashing, I looked down to see what speed I was going. I was going 55mph, but I started slowing. County Rd. #3 is a dark beat up hilly road with lots of deer. Most people take it slow on this road, especially at night.
    As I came over a hill in the road I noticed the cop car was actually in the middle of the lane I was in not on the side of the road as would be normally done. I shifted down to slow down further and may have screeched my tires a little. I did not normally drive my jeep (stick shift) except for off road fun, so my shifting skills were not at my best. I have off road tires on my jeep and they can be loud at slower speeds on tar roads. I slowed down to less than 40mph as I was approaching the vehicles, the policeman walked towards my approaching vehicle from passenger side of the vehicle he had stopped along the passenger side of his car. He walked to stand behind his vehicle holding a flashlight waving it for me to go around the vehicles. I went all the way over to the shoulder on the opposite side of the road and passed the police car and a red SUV.
    After passing the vehicles I sped up to normal speed and proceeded to County Rd. #65 and on to the Crows Nest to get gas (approx. 5-6mi or more). I filled up my jeep and headed home (approx. 6-7mi or more). I arrived at home almost 25-30 min. after passing the police car on County Rd. #3. I pulled into my driveway got out of my car and was walking to my garage entrance to the house when I noticed headlights coming up the south end of my dirt road I live on.
    It turned out to be a police car. The car turned into my drive way and pulled up behind my car. I walked back to see what was up and I asked the policeman what he needed. He asked me if I had just passed one of his co-workers. I said no because I thought he meant within the last few minutes not a half an hour ago. He asked again if I was sure and I said well about a half an hour ago I passed a cop car up on county Rd #3 who had someone pulled over in the middle of the road.
    He stated that the cop that I had passed said that I had almost rear ended his vehicle and hit him and that I was excessively speeding and had slammed on my brakes. I said that these accusations were absolutely absurd. The cop asked for my License and asked where I was coming from. He could see I still had my uniform on and I told him I was coming home from work. He went back to check my license then came back and said that the cop that I passed was going to come talk with me. Another cop car had also pulled into my driveway by then, talked with the existing cop then left. Approimately10-15 later another cop pulled into my driveway. It was the officer that I had passed on #3 more than a half an hour ago.
    By this point I was very angry at being accused of these false accusations. I do not have any criminal history other than a couple minor traffic violations and one DWI in over 15 yrs, nothing else.
    After talking with the cop that had been waiting with me at my home, the officer that I had passed on #3 more than a half an hour ago walked up to me and got within inches of my face and started yelling, making the accusations as stated before. I said that that the accusations were bullshit and false. At no time was I speeding or were either he or the vehicles that were stopped in any danger from my car or driving.
    For 45 minutes after that policeman arrived in my yard, he was in my face making accusations and threatening to hand cuff me and search me. I walked around in front of the cop car trying to maintain my anger at the crap the cop was throwing at me. The cop asked me for proof insurance on the jeep. I took out my billfold and went through my cards I kept in it. As I was checking some things fell out of my billfold (hands were shaking in anger). I did not have the insurance card in my wallet and told the cop it was probably in the jeep, because I didn’t drive it often. I started to go the jeep to get it and he said I couldn’t go to the car that I had to stay in front of his car. He then grabbed the insurance cards I did have and went back to his car.
    I started walking in a circle in front of his car; he stated again I needed to stay in front of his car. I stated that I was in front of his car. He said he had to call another policeman to watch me so he could write me my tickets and then did so. Another cop showed up and stood with me while he wrote me my citations. He came back and was handing me the citation and my driver license. I grabbed my license only and went into my home. The cop placed the citation on my other vehicle and left. It was about an hour later in the morning as I was headed to school I found the citation which accused me of “ No proof of insurance, Not adhering to and emergency vehicle and excessive speed “. These charges were trumped up and false.
    I went to court as required. I pled not guilty and on the third court date I requested a jury trial. The fourth court appearance was supposed to be the Jury trial. While sitting at the court waiting room waiting to be called for the jury trial to take place, the Assistant Prosecuting District Attorney came to me and stated that the Judge had requested that he come talk with me to make a deal.
    The Assistant Prosecutor said that if I showed proof of insurance they would drop all the charges. I stated that I had proof of insurance the morning this incident all took place, the morning where I was harassed for 45 min. for doing nothing wrong by a cop who got in my face and for 45 min. tried to incite me into a physical confrontation. I stated I would show my proof of insurance and agree to the deal if they added an apology from the cop to the deal; otherwise I would just go to trial and show my proof there in front of the community. The attorney said he couldn’t give that, I said fine I would just go to trial.
    A couple of hours later (around noon) the attorney came back to me at the request of the Judge and asked again if I would take the deal. I said my conditions stand. He said again he could not do this and left. About an hour later I was finally called into the courtroom in front of the Judge. The Judge asked me what happened and I told him. He then asked if I did in fact have proof of insurance. I said yes. The judge stated “Then show the Assistant District Attorney”. I said “Ok” only because the judge had told me to show my proof to the attorney.
    I showed the proof of the insurance and at that point within seconds of proof shown, the attorney stated that the charge of “No Proof of Insurance” was dropped but that the other charges remained. At that same point the judge stated I no longer qualified for a jury trial, l because the Gross Misdemeanor (No proof of insurance) had been dropped and my other charges were misdemeanors and didn’t qualify. I would be rescheduled again for a non-jury court date and judgment.
    The Judge told me to show my proof, and then took away my ability to have a jury trial because I did what he asked. The Assistant District Attorney did not drop the other charges as he had stated he would if the proof of insurance was provided. Basically I was cheated out of a jury trial and lied to about having charges dropped by those who stand for fair and honest law.
    I had to take time from my school attendance and work to attend the many court dates. I am in my Masters Degree at the American Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine for “Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese medicine” (1st year at that time)and I for the prior 3yrs I finished my Associates in Science” Integrative Health & Healing” at Anoka Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids & Cambridge, MN. I also work fulltime in Onamia, MN. I averaged over 1000mi. a week in driving for 4yrs plus. I have had a CDL “A” since I was 21. I am 55yrs of age and I have driven darn near every type of vehicle on the road. I could easily be considered a professional driver. In all my years of driving, my traffic violations I am pretty sure equal less than 10 incidents.
    In the final trial both the cop and I stated our stories. The policeman’s story was full of holes and lies. He even recanted a part of it. I know there is no way to prove the lies but I know the truth and my story made sense with no holes in it. It was the truth. The finding/judgment was to be sent to me by U.S. Mail.

    Part #2
    About three weeks later I received my judgment on the traffic violations, about 4 months had gone by now. On the remaining two charges against me I was found guilty on one. Even my current lawyer stated that they were basically the same charge, but worded differently. So if I was guilty on one I should have been guilty on both or not guilty on both. This is after they should have been dropped by the conditions set by the Assistant District Attorney; “If proof of insurance was shown prior to the jury trial all charges would be dropped”
    The day I received the judgment in the mail I became very angry, this was injustice to me. It was a Friday morning. I knew better than to go the courthouse, but I was angry and was not thinking clearly. I wanted to know how to appeal the judgment against me, so I got in my car and drove to the Kanabec Courthouse.
    I was making statements to myself and swearing in my car all the way to the courthouse. Stating how much I hated Mora as a town and the courthouse because there didn’t seem to be any justice there. After parking my car I walked into the courthouse still talking out loud to myself and swearing about the courthouse, justice and the town of Mora. I was not swearing at anyone and I am not sure how loud I was either, I was just venting to myself.
    I climbed three flights of stairs to the court clerk’s window. I put the papers I had received in the mail on the counter and I asked what I needed to do to appeal the judgment against me. The lady there looked at the papers, then looked up my fine and judgment stated it would have to go to the next level of court, the Supreme Court. I said fine it didn’t matter; I still needed to know how to make it happen (the appeal). She said they didn’t have the paperwork at this office and that she would have to look it up and get me a number to call. While she was looking up the number and I was standing there, I was still making more statements to myself (swear words were included) about how much I hated this courthouse and the there was no justice here but I was not rude to the lady helping me nor did she make any statement about it.
    I did not swear at, threaten or even be rude to the lady clerk. She provided me with a phone number to call and I stepped across the hallway to a table and sat there while I called the number to make sure it was the correct one. It was the correct number and I ordered the paper work needed to make the appeal on the judgment. As I got up to leave to go home, I asked the same lady that if I was appealing the judgment did I still had to pay the fine. She stated that it still had to be paid by the date in the letter I received. I said fine and headed down the three flights of stairs.
    By this time though I was still angry I had vented enough and was quiet. All I wanted to do was get to my car go home get some sleep. I had to be to work in a few hours. I was walking down the steps and about half way to the bottom floor four policemen passed me going up the stairs. One of them said “Have a good day” and because of my anger I didn’t even think and stated F*** off without even looking and continued on without missing a step. As I got to the bottom floor, one of the four policemen showed up behind me. He asked if I would stop and talk with him. I said; I hadn’t done anything illegal or wrong and that I didn’t want to talk to him and kept walking towards the doors to the parking lot. He asked again a couple of times again if I would stop and talk with him and I just stating, I done nothing wrong all I wanted to do is go home to bed because I had to work and to leave me alone.
    I went out the doors of the courthouse with the cop following me and was halfway across the parking lot to my car and the cop grabbed my right shoulder. I turned to him stating I had done nothing wrong, to leave me alone and asked why he kept harassing me. I just wanted to leave. He asked me for my I.D. and I again asked him why, why was he harassing me. While this was taking place the other three cops that had been walking up the steps in the courthouse with the cop that was detaining me came out the door into the parking lot and surrounded me.
    The cop that had followed me out the doors into the parking lot asked again for my I.D. I again asked why because I had done nothing wrong. He stated because I was going to jail. I said “WHAT!” for what?” Obstruction of Law was his answer. I stated Obstruction of what law? I hadn’t broken any laws. The cop that was behind me then stated “Lets just taze him”. The next moment I was on the ground. The cop behind me had tazzed me in the back, and the other three cops jumped on me. I was hand cuffed put in a cop car and taken to the jail behind the Kanabec courthouse and booked. I spent the whole weekend in jail.
    *Excessive Force; four large cops and the use of a policeman’s tazzer in the BACK of an unarmed non-threatening man to arrest him for being angry, swearing in a courthouse (not at anyone just swearing) and telling a policeman to F*** off*

    I was sick from the tazing and could hardly get off the provided bed. I was drenched in sweat and didn’t feel like I could eat or drink anything for three days. I stayed in my cell and said nothing to anyone from the point of where I was tazed. I was bruised up and had tazzer marks on my back. I have pictures of the injuries.
    The Charges brought against me this time are;

    Obstruction of law; Interfering with a policeman’s duties (Gross Misdemeanor), Obstruction of law; Interfering with a policeman’s duties (Misdemeanor), Fifth degree assault (Fear), and Disorderly Conduct.

    There was four large cops at this incident and at no time did I make any threat to anyone or say anything rude to anyone except “F*** off to the cop that said have a good day. While either in or out of the courthouse all I did was ask questions as to why and how. I was leaving the courthouse to go home.
    Though still angry it had deescalated and I was saying nothing as I was leaving to go home. I had no weapon and my hands were open non-threatening. For this I was Tazzed and jumped on by four cops and charged with unfounded charges. All I did was make a make a bad decision to go to the courthouse mad and cuss while stating my opinion of the city of Mora, the court system and police system.
    I admit that the courthouse was not the most appropriate place to cuss and telling a cop to F*** off after he made a greeting statement was also not appropriate. I was angry, and I take responsibility for these actions. As far as I know though swearing in public is not against the law and I know there has been many swear words said in that courthouse. They were not handled like mine were or prosecuted.
    Since this incident the court has dragged out my court dates for over 6 months. This incident took place on June 15th 2012. My next court date is still pending and expected to happen sometime in February 2013. My right to a “Just & Speedy trial” must not matter.
    I have lost my job due to the suspension of my Gaming License because of the Gross Misdemeanor charge. I have had to use up my 401 retirement fund to pay for bills and my lawyer. I have no health care coverage now after being let go from work. I have been offered other jobs only to have the offers rescinded because of the pending charges against me. The presiding Judge dismissed himself from my case, the Kanabec county attorney is not the Acting District attorney because the 911 call came frome their office not the ladies at the court clerk’s office. The Prosecuting county attorney from Isanti County wants to prosecute to the fullest degree.
    Though I believe I have not broken any law I offered to plead guilty to the “Disorderly Conduct charge” at my lawyer’s recommendation because my behavior was really not appropriate in a public place. The offer was turned down.
    I had not applied for unemployment because I did not believe that this would carry on so long and that I would be back at work. My job had only let me go because the GRA (Gaming Regulatory Association) had suspended my Gaming License pending the charges outcome. Because it lasted over 30 day Grand Casino let me go. I finally was approved for my unemployment benefits by the Unemployment Judge Advocate based on the decision that there was no justification to the charge of Gross Misdemeanor “Obstruction of Law”. Based on the police reports provided to the Unemployment Judge Advocate. This was finally completed in December 2012.
    I have not been able to pay my mortgage, I have maxed out my credit cards, I had to skip a trimester of college because of the time the courts have taken to finish this case against me. It wasn’t till December of 2012 that I finally found a job that would hire me and it was only a PT job at $5.00 less than I was getting paid at the casino. I am thankful but it isn’t enough to take care of my bills and I am losing my home in July at this point.
    All of this….. because I swore in the courthouse of Kanabec County, No threats made to anyone just swearing. The Kanabec County police and Court system have taken a productive individual in the community to the point of almost homelessness. People should be aware of what they could face.
    Misuse of tazzers by law enforcement is a rising crime along with excessive force. Tazzers ARE a weapon no less lethal than a hand gun and should not be used against individuals were there is no weapon unless there is a life threatening situation. They are being used against children and adults as deterrent and so that they don’t have to physically do their job. There were four cops larger than I in my case and no threat. There are other stories as well.
    I have court transcripts from my last court date, where only two of the four cops in my incident showed up for court stated that I was no physical threat and that they did not fear me nor was I verbally threatening. It states they tazzed me because I would not respond to their questions. They tazzed me in the Back as I stood there asking why they were harassing me. It was also stated that I was leaving the courthouse quietly till they instigated the confrontation.
    I am a 55yr old Navy veteran of ten years, who also did military police work. We were taught to use the least force and to deescalate situations, not create them. In the two stories I shared the charges were trumped up and excessive force was used, the court has dragged it out because they have no case.
    The NEW Gang in town is the Sherriff’s dept. with young officers. That only has 2 years of schooling or prior security guard or military training. They trumped up charges to cover their actions. They are trying to make a name for themselves or they are the old officers that are just plain tired of confrontation.
    The tazzer use is usually unjustified. They could not use their gun unless it was a life threatening situation. A tazzer is a weapon and legitimately can be life threatening and can do physical and mental harm to an individual that has been tazzed.
    The New Gang are the rural counties Sherriff’s departments. They play by their own rules, not the law.
    * Final outcome of the court*
    I took the deal instead of fighting —-Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct & $235.00 fine. I still wonder if I did the right thing. The Reason Cops get away with false charges is because no one stands up for

  10. My comment wasn’t posted, it must be hard to hear people’s opinions that don’t match yours.

  11. I would like to add to my story that my husband was NOT texting and driving. His phone was on the floor of the passenger side of his car! So he was breaking NO laws and we DON’T have to give up our rights to make cops happy.

  12. Don you need to know your rights! If your story is accurate you should not have settled. Who was your attorney? I work in the law field so I’m just wondering. Also both times my husband was arrested he showed the utmost respect to the officers. To bad they didn’t do the same (I watched the tape so I know exactly what happened).

    • Nothing is settled yet. Though a formal letter of apology to my son for being such rude disrespectful dickheads would be very much appreciated. You know what they say,,you get what you give. You can’t demand respect just because you have a gun and the state behind you. Respect needs to be earned..and these cops definately do not have mine.

  13. My story is true and I would take a polygraph to prove it. I settled because I needed work and no one would hire me with the pending charges. I just couldnt take a chance and thats how cops and the courts get one over on you. They offer you a deal because they get money anyway and the cops get the false charge accepted. Shrug… My Lawyer tried to get cooperation from the courts to no avail. I still am planning to try and sue the Kanabec police dept. for excessive force and police brutality damages. I have not yet found a layer who wants to represent me in this suet if you know any good ones feel free to let me know. I have the transcripts of the court dates i attended where the cops testified that I was no threat physically or verbally that they tazzed me because I wouldnt answer thier questions. and it was four cops larger than I three of which I was jumped on after being tazzed.

  14. Freekin Minnesotans

    I just wanted to point out that you people can barely spell and you’re calling other people idiots. Listen, I have been many places across the world and nowhere is like Pine City or its surrounding areas. The people here are dumbest I have ever met. They are unclean, ignorant, conceited, alcoholic, drug addicted (prescription meds included), welfare loving, oblivious, and somehow think they are better than everyone else.
    My best advice is to buy a dash cam ($200) with audio and have it hidden nice and high. Then just let events play out and have video/audio evidence. After that you can take it to court with you and it’s more than just hearsay. Demand to see the video from the officers car, that will tell you whether you have a case or not. If the officer approached your son with a drawn weapon or not will be on the tape.
    Also changing the name of the those involved is not necessary unless it’s libel or defamation. Especially since they are public servants.
    I know the cops up here and yes most of them are morons who are more interested in racing each other to Toby’s than they are in protecting people that need it. There are only two or three good ones who I would stand behind (or in front of). I’m looking at you Karl!
    I look forward to seeing your case put through the system, but I doubt I will. If your son is Native, It would give your story a bit more credence because of the amount of hate between the races here. Something also left out is your sons prior record. However, I would say it’s most likely a bit fabricated because the people up here have zero issues lying through their teeth to anybody. Which is mostly due to the inability of the people here to be a parent and most hope that the schools with raise their kids right for them. In the odd event that I do see this case pop up on the docket, I’ll stop by.

    This short rant on how bad it is up here “in this neck of the woods” of course does not include everybody up here but it’s sort of like the police. One bad apple spoils the barrel. It’s sad to see a communities potential but watch the population eek though life looking for and living off of handouts. To the people who do the right thing; I applaud you. To the people I just described above; I abhor you. For you are the reason things are they way they are and you are the reason that things will not change.

    By the way, your art is very impressive.

    How are stupid people to know if they are stupid unless they are told?

    • Thanks so much. I’ve just been in Wales this morning. The people here are so very kind, intelligent, and friendly. Lovely people! What a change! How did the USA become so backwards?

  15. It’s Pine City. Everyone is on meth, including the cops.

  16. Michelle E Habisch

    Anyone who believes that this story is NOT completely true has never spent much time in Pine County ! The former Sheriff; a wonderful, honest and amazing man, took on the dirty and totally unethical deputies and 22+ were removed from their position in his first year alone. I believe in Peace Officers and am grateful for those who abide by, live by and do their jobs in a lawful manner. Unfortunately, many Pine County officials have not and continue to do their jobs without regard to any laws other than their own. The former Sheriff cleaned up the county as best as he could in 4 years and I know it took a great toll on him and his family. The present Sheriff is doing the job as best as he can but it seems like the officials who didn’t get removed, have gone back to their old ways. I was a Mandated Reporter for 25 years while working with vulnerable people. Pine County; which I have turned in but haven’t been able to provide proof, use children to ensure that they have Informants and/or witnesses who will testify against a defendant when they don’t have the proof necessary for a conviction. This has/is happened on several occasions but proving beyond a reasonable doubt is almost impossible. I know, I tried. Many but not all Pine County officials have their own rules and it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re within the law or not. It’s not just Pine County officials, it’s several in the area. I pray for the safety of Peace Officers and their families almost daily because I do know how difficult their jobs are, especially with the lack of training and lack of facilities available for individuals who have Mental Health issues. This is no excuse for any county officials to be unlawful or do their jobs in a way that does harm, no matter what. I worked with individuals with Mental Health issues for 25 years and no matter how difficult some days became, I never even thought about not doing my job legally, ethically and with total respect. All Officials who represent the people, should never inflict harm intentionally just because it’s easier ! We entrust our safety and the safety of our loved ones to them and it’s a position that should be performed respectfully and honestly. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. They want 100% respect and should be given that respect but it’s difficult to respect them when they don’t show respect while doing their job.

  17. Ashley Schoenfeldt

    Amen to you ! Similar if not exactly the same scenario just happened to my bf, but they seized his 4500 dollars n a truck that he was wprking on for a client , n kept him in jail for 3 days just to release him cause they had nothing to hold him on… so thank u for this ! U have my respect !

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