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The Golden Ring

It’s uncanny that at times we don’t see where our path is leading until looking behind us at the trail of idea crumbs we’ve been dropping absently along the way.  Going back over some of my blog posts, and the last three unrelated books I’ve read recently, I’m clearly sensing a recurring theme. This life. Past life. Future life. (Also the subject of the film ‘The Fountain’ mentioned in this post.)

I’ve already mentioned ‘The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying’  in my last post  Fair Trade And The Bardo Of Becoming.

I’ve just started reading ‘Celtic Myths and Legends’ by Peter Bradford Ellis.  The ancient Celts believed that death in this world is only a change of place to the Otherworld. After traversing the Dark River, life would continue in this parallel world.  And when life ran out there again, one would be reborn into this world…on and on eternally. Much in the same way we go back and forth daily between our ‘waking’ life and our ‘dreaming’, a lifetime is a day.

Sure to be an international best seller already, promoted by the likes of Brendon Burchard,  Aleph by Paulo Coelho is a good read. The story is centered around the idea of finding redemption from the mistakes of past lives.  In his own experience, after reading a book about “discovering the mysteries of past lives”, Paulo uses a visualization technique that involves imagining a ‘Golden Ring’  around his body moving head to toe, back and forth with increasing speed until he is transported to a past incarnation. In the very last paragraph of his book, he warns us “against the use of the ring-of-light exercise. As I mentioned earlier, any return to the past with no knowledge of the process can have dramatic and disastrous consequences.”  Disastrous…talk about dangling the bait for the reckless. I’m definitely going to look into it.

An update: it’s almost two months since I posted this.  Coincidence?  I accidentally came upon this today…I wasn’t looking for it. If you’re interested in past lives, you’ll definitely want to have a look at this.  PAST LIFE

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