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The New Dignity

It’s Christmas Eve and most of us are either making last minute preparations for tomorrow or we’re already in party mode. That doesn’t leave us much time for writing, especially if we’re having one of those days when our attention span is as long as a sand flea’s.

The only blog I actually follow is Stuart Wilde’s. When I’ve been down and blue in the past, his books have had the same effect on me as a visit from an old friend. I think it’s his warmth, humor, and unique view of reality, as well as his understanding of the Tao that really resonates with me.  I’m sharing a link here.  It’s about the heart of Gaia, and the magical Tao Beings…the animal spirits that will be your guides to the Eternal.  Perhaps in Stu’s Aluna World, he IS the White Rabbit. I think so!  OK, I’m off to wrap presents. Follow the rabbit down the hole…or not.

Oh, I almost forgot. Merry Christmas!


Run Like Hell

The National Defense Authorization Act is the Greatest Threat to Civil Liberties Americans Face


….will get you your girlfriend’s Xmas present delivered in time!  YO HO

“Kevin, I feel privileged that “the master” is creating an object specifically for me!”  ~William N.F.

I posted this Bush song for the simple reason that I like it! But what song should appear right behind it?  The Afterlife!  These coincidences are getting too weird.  Then again, some people just accept this stuff as fact. I heard tonight that Wayne Dyer believes he was St. Francis of Assisi in a past incarnation! Who am I to say? If someone told me I was Crazy Horse in a past life, I’m certain they would be at least half right.

Past Life

Again, the theme of ‘Past Life’ has mysteriously popped up into my day.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts over the past couple of months, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  (See:  The Golden Ring).  I stumbled upon this five part documentary of children recalling past lives on YouTube. It’s not something I was searching out at all…but, there it was again!  Admittedly, there is an awful lot of crap on YouTube, but this is worth having a look at if reincarnation is something you’re interested in. I’ll just post the first installment here.

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