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At the Window of Tomorrow | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website

At the Window of Tomorrow | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website.

open-windowYou will be missed, bro. May we meet up someday at The Dog And Duck on the celestial shore of Avalon.


The Etheric Graveyard

60,000 Dormant Souls

It’s all Peaceful in the Shire

I was in a small town, it was a bit drab I wondered why, I heard “60,000 dormant souls.” People deliberately go to dead zones because it’s comfortable, the vibrancy doesn’t require much of them.

But it is vital to be in a place that has a high energy, that is full of people that are aware, or you become the only resonating energy in town and everyone vamps you for your light and your brightness.

Are the shops bright and creative and interesting or are they drab, conformist and uninviting?
Are the people angry or sad or depressed as they walk about, or are they lively, friendly and communicative?

Is the place clean? Are there gangsters on the corners of the street? Do the houses look lousy, or are they painted and fresh? What about the gardens? That tells you a lot about the quality of the people. Are your neighbors a nightmare?

You need love, warmth, creativity and a society of people of like minds, seek it out if you don’t have it now. Why live in an etheric graveyard.

Sometimes “airport” can cure everything. Go to a place that is of “like mind” not a hell hole of the living dead. It is hard to find inspiration if you are surrounded by pasty-faced “sleepers”. Stuart Wilde

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde.— All rights reserved.


Force Of Will

“The force of will is like golden mist swirling in a gentle wind, it is out ahead of you as a silent resolve and fortitude, it is the power of all your eventualities, but mostly it is the ability to be patient and to endure while you stalk the wild pendulum; chasing the pendulum is hopeless, if you wait it clunks you on the nose. ‘Plank on head’, I call it.” ~Stuart Wilde

The New Dignity

It’s Christmas Eve and most of us are either making last minute preparations for tomorrow or we’re already in party mode. That doesn’t leave us much time for writing, especially if we’re having one of those days when our attention span is as long as a sand flea’s.

The only blog I actually follow is Stuart Wilde’s. When I’ve been down and blue in the past, his books have had the same effect on me as a visit from an old friend. I think it’s his warmth, humor, and unique view of reality, as well as his understanding of the Tao that really resonates with me.  I’m sharing a link here.  It’s about the heart of Gaia, and the magical Tao Beings…the animal spirits that will be your guides to the Eternal.  Perhaps in Stu’s Aluna World, he IS the White Rabbit. I think so!  OK, I’m off to wrap presents. Follow the rabbit down the hole…or not.

Oh, I almost forgot. Merry Christmas!

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