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H and R Block

I just noticed that H&R Block has something like 380,000 likes on their Facebook Page!  How stupid do you have to be to like a vampiric rip off merchant who takes advantage of you and your ignorance of the same system that is keeping you enslaved and sucking the life out of you? It’s like ‘liking’ the guy who puts an extra spoonful of slop on your plate while you’re near starving in your prison cell, though it’s going to cost you another year of your freedom. I imagine these are the same people who were waving their flags after 911. Keep feeding the lie sheeple.  Thanks so much.

I can only think of 3 reasons anyone would like this page.

A: You work for H&R BLock

B:You work for the IRS

C: You’re clueless

D: All of the above

Oh, right…make that 4 reasons.


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