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Please, please don’t be one of their minions!!! Quit making excuses. Opt out. Be brave. Be powerful. Be free.

Lilou Mace interviews Foster Gamble. Reality check on the New World Order.


Peasants’ Revolt

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I’m not one to rain on your parade. I want you to be happy, really!  At the same time, I’m not one to sugar coat a crappy pill that needs swallowing.  You are a debt slave. It’s that time of year when we all sheepishly comply to our debt slavery by getting our taxes in order for the IRS. As long as we continue to comply, the handful of war mongering families who own the global banking cartel and control the world’s governments, will own our children, their children, their children’s children, etc. Why we continue to let these vampires feed off of us is beyond comprehension. Maybe it’s because if they are only draining us a little at a time we don’t notice so much (so long as it’s not our children being murdered!), or if we are noticing, we are thankful they’ve left us enough to live. Or maybe it’s fear. Fear of having our doors kicked in,  of having our meager assets seized, of spending a good stretch of time in a federal prison….or worse.  Paying tax is the law of the land after all. Their lawyers say so.

Peasant’s Revolt. Why don’t we just hunt these people down, drag them out of their palaces, divvy up the gold, and put them in prison (for a long litany of crimes against humanity) till the end of their miserable parasitic lives? Just a suggestion.


Bad Karma!

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