The Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen has unexpectedly returned to my dreaming, leaving me hopelessly love-lorn and  interminably distracted. Spirit dictates that the third time she appears, a charm is called for..a binding  through ritual magic…a spell that links us eternally.
Greater forces at play….blah, blah.  “As I will, so mote it be”, and so on.   Five candles, a knife, a ribbon, etc.

The prompting of our subconscious, the deep wanting of  our soul, demands we make at least one heroic act to drag the dream kicking and screaming into the light of  the day. Retrieving the Sword of Light from the Otherworld.  Two acts are better. Seizing the Everlasting Pearl. The third one’s a charm or so I’ve been told. Her heart can not be won otherwise.  It’s all just a crazy dream in the end anyway, isn’t it?

“Every step I thought of  you…every footstep, only you.”

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