Wood Pile

Well, this is what my day looked like. Not a lot to say about it really, is there?  I had a log jump off the splitter and blast me in the knee, but I’m sure I’ll live. Nothing broken, though I may be hobbling slightly for a day or two.  Winter is on it’s way soon enough.

I’ve also posted a couple of pictures of the piece I was working on yesterday.

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It’s new.  Mishi-bizheu, the Great White Lynx, is part sea serpent. Along with the Mermaids (Nebaunaubaequaewuk), he is said to be responsible for drawing people down to a  frigid watery grave at the bottom of Lake Superior. Not very pleasant, but I imagine there are worse ways to go. He is more or less America’s version of the Loch Ness Monster, but perhaps more dangerous.  If you are out on the water and a storm comes up unexpectedly, what you might mistake for a long line of white caps just may be Mishi-bizheu making a bee line for your craft.

I’ll be posting more pictures when he is finished.

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  1. oh, take care of that knee, if you have arnica anything – do it sooner than later, it really makes a difference. OUCH! It surely is fire wood making season. I will be on it soon and have been helping neighbors already. your art is awesome.

  2. Hi Tammie..good to hear from you again. I’ve been meaning to get my blogroll back up but it looks like I have to re-size the pictures first since I’ve changed the theme. I haven’t sussed it yet.
    The knee is OK. Thanks.

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