Quoth The Raven

I read somewhere recently that if I don’t post to my blog regularly, people might start to get aggravated with me. Really?! Who!?

I’ve been bogged down with computer issues the past few weeks. For the most part, I’m having trouble updating my website and I think the long litany of details would bore anyone. I have tons of new pictures to get up and it seems my navigation bar has completely disappeared. Tech support hasn’t been any help.  It might be time to find a new web host. Does anyone use FrontPage anymore?  “Nevermore”.

Trust me. This is all going to pull together somehow.

Yes, I had planned a nice walk out in the woods this evening. It was the perfect day today after last night’s thunderstorm erased every shred of cloud from the sky. It also sent a bolt of lightning through my living room that took out my phone!

As I sat at the computer trying to sort the mess out, the Ravens were calling from outside my open window. “Croak, croak…come out and play. It’s going dark. The wild blueberries need to be picked and eaten. Time is wasting.”

“Yeah, but… I really need to figure this out.”

I felt like I did as a kid, stuck at the sink washing dishes while my friends came up to the screen at the open back window, “Are you coming? Are ya almost done yet?”

Needless to say or not,  I’ve spent hours in front of the computer without accomplishing a thing. I didn’t go for my walk. Jack was really looking forward to it.

Are we going? or not!?

I had other ideas for this post as well. It will have to wait until next time. Yeah..I’m a little annoyed.

On the upside, I did get a nice note today from Pennie, the gallery owner of Gathering Tribes, who said her customers love my work and she just sold a piece yesterday.

Eventually, I’ll get this website sorted. But as the Ravens keep reminding me, ‘time is wasting’…and I’m a little short on patience and so will be my potential customers!


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