The Fountain

In my dream, I am descending a flight of stairs in a lavish stairwell. The walls and banister are a dark polished Walnut or Mahogany, the lush carpet a deep red wine. The handrail brackets and stair rods are shining brass. Antique gilt framed paintings adorn the walls and are highlighted by ambient fixtures.

Midway down the staircase is a landing intersected by a corridor to the right and a heavy door on the left that exits the house. An attractive group of elegant yet casually dressed women are gathered there conversing, each with a glass of wine or cocktail in hand. There is a feeling of subdued excitement and expectation in the air. Perhaps there is a party going on in the main part of the house. They smile at me as I pass and open the door to step out into the night air.

Shirtless and shoeless, I begin to wander away from the grand house across an expansive lawn, wearing nothing but my favorite pair of jeans. The scene is almost monochromatic, lit only by the dim light of the moon filtering through the overcast sky.  The grass is cool on my feet.

With no idea of the surrounding landscape and no destination in mind, I soon find myself hip deep in a swamp. The thought of turning back never enters my mind and I push on relentlessly. My curiosity of what lies ahead is enough to spur me on, though the going is getting tough if not dangerous. My progress is slow as I trudge through the heavy mud and weeds which feel as though they might drag me down.  I have moments of doubt as the light appears to grow even dimmer, and in my night blindness I can see no end to this drudgery in sight.

Eventually, the ground begins to firm and the water becomes less deep.  Soon I am ascending a shallow gradient, cool water flowing past my ankles. I follow the stream upwards and onwards as my mood brightens with each step. At the top of the rise I climb a few man made steps over which the water is channeled and now rushing by me  knee deep with greater force.

Suddenly, the clouds part and radiant moonlight bathes the scene in an ethereal glow. I am standing in the spillway of a glorious fountain facing into a constant summer breeze.  I am euphoric and lucid.

I realize there is a divine plan and a keen intelligence behind all of this ..all the parts connected and working together with the precision of a clockworks. The builders of this fountain, those who live on this grand estate, know this and are deeply in tune with it. Their life is a constant state of joy and abundance.

I searched the web for a fitting image. This is a scene from a film by Darren Aronofsky (who recently directed The Black Swan) called The Fountain. After toying with it in Photoshop to create a moonlight effect, it evokes a very similar feel to that of my dream.

Not a day goes by that I don’t mentally stand at that fountain of my dream and know that it’s coming up ahead.

Fight the good fight, people.

Jim Seals and I have the same birthday! October 17. 🙂

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  1. Ellen Carlson

    What a powerful, profound dream! When I saw your rendering of the fountain I had a start because there before me was the “tree of life”.

  2. Hi Ellen. Yes, it was certainly one of those unforgettable dreams and yes, the tree of life! Of course, now I’m going to have to get the film.

  3. Amanda Hemers

    I walked through the dream with you. I felt my hope and heart expand. Thank you for sharing this at this difficult time for me.

  4. Amanda, you are so welcome. I’m glad it lifted your spirits. The song ‘Summer Breeze’ always does it for me.

  5. Thank you. You are a true inspiration.

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