Far To Go

I once dreamed I was carving a piece of wood that stretched to infinity in either direction. On the one side, crawling with flora and fauna which appeared alive, was everything I had done in the past. On the other, an uncarved branch extending farther than my eyes could see.  A long way to go with no end in sight.

Ever have one of those days where you’re feeling your age a little more than usual? Or maybe you have the feeling that at some point during the LIFE 101 class, you should have been paying a little more attention… during the section on economics… rather than daydreaming because it bored you senseless? It’s probably just a lack of sleep…or food.  I’ll get over it.  Maybe I just  need to watch “The Secret” a few more hundred times!

I wonder if dentists dream of endless rows of teeth.

I don’t know who these images belong to, but if asked I will happily remove them. Have a look at that tattoo, though. I like it a lot!

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