Scott’s Fish Bar And Steak House Grill

I’m doing my books tonight.  In my case, this means digging through a huge cardboard box and sorting a year’s worth of receipts into very untidy piles stacked from one end of the living room floor to the other. I’ve never been very organized or maybe I just have my own way of neglecting the most distasteful chores till the last minute. It will take me all night just to make the piles, never mind crunching the numbers. I’ve got some chill out, meditative music on which keeps me from attaching any negative emotion to the task.  Years ago, I would have been piss moaning about it to anyone who would listen. I guess I’ve mellowed out.

But as they say, every miserable black cloud has a silver lining. I’ve found a receipt here from one of my trips to the UK. On a bit of a sightseeing weekend in the Lake District with my now fiance Mandy, I had my first real ‘fish and chip’ dinner with mushy peas and all. And a pint of Guinness. Great memories made at Scott’s Fish Bar in Penrith. Maybe next time she’ll buy me dinner!

OK, I’d better get back to the card board box. Not getting a whole lot accomplished messing about with this Blog, am I?

An afterthought: If I leave the piles on the floor tonight, will my cats have them rearranged by morning?

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  1. If you could figure out away to write it off as a buisness expence. Even better!

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