Druidic Offering, Butt Spinach, And Generic Spam

Tonight I opened a can of ‘Great Value’ spinach to have with our baked chicken dinner. After getting through three forkfuls, I pronounced to the kids, “This spinach is vile!”

“It tastes like butt”, Emma agreed.

Butt Spinach. We all had a good laugh.

“It’s supposed to be good…I just bought it.”

I checked the expiration date on the can. “Yup.  Twelve, thirty one, two thousand and twelve.”

“We should have saved it for the end of the world, then!”

I was thinking the same. We then discussed the global catastrophe of Y2K that never came. Darn!  2001?  Nope. Well, 2012 then, surely. Tanner decided this end of the world thing was crap. Emma said she didn’t care if the world ended or not, but added that she had dreamed she was the Empress over a very large kingdom of robots last night. I told her I had dreamed I found something that looked very similar to the ‘Antikythera Mechanism‘, or the Golden Compass, and could alter reality with it.

“My friend’s parents are stocking up on cans of Spam for 2012,” she said.

“I love Spam!” blurted Tanner, “when you slice it real thin and fry it up to put on your egg sandwich. Mmmmm.”

“I know, I still have a can here. You still got your shoes on? Go throw this spinach outside.” I paused. “Give it to the oak tree as an offering.”

They exchanged the usual silent glance. Is he serious?!

“Yeah…give it to the tree. I’m a Druid now.”

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